Saturday, January 15, 2011

Andy McMahon

LET me tell you a short story...

ANDY MCMAHON of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate (aka the guy singing in this song) is one of my heroes. He is an amazing singer, piano player, and song writer. I love him so much, and I am inspired to be just like him.
Three months before his debut album with Jack's Mannequin came out, he received word that he could no longer perform any concerts or shows. He was diagnosed with  acute lymphoblastic leukemia on June 1st, 2005. Later, he had to shave his whole head and undergo months of treatment.
He almost died.
But now Andy is alive, and recording music. Jack's Mannequin's second album, The Glass Passenger is available now, containing this song in it. The entire album, this song as well, had its inspirational roots in leukemia and staying alive.
That's where the web link of this blog comes from.
Andy, and all of his fans, are happy to be alive. Life comes with a huge price, and some of us aren't as lucky as others. Some leukemia patients die. Lots of them do. But leukemia isn't the end of it. There's cancer... lots of different cancers. There are people who right now would kill to be alive, but that opportunity just isn't open to them.
It is my perspective that nobody should take their own lives when life like this is so precious. Sometimes you don't know how lucky you are just to be alive.
Video and song all rights belong to Jack's Mannequin. I own nothing.

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  1. I love Jack's Mannequin so much. Thi man is inspiring and amazing. =)
    Gives me hope, I tell you.