Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beauty - Is It Real?

I know for a fact that everyday, we all look in the mirror and frown. There's always something about our face that we don't like, or something about our body that we would change if we could. It's common knowledge that nobody ever feels comfortable with their personal appearance, no matter how much we hear compliments from people who love us. If your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you that you look "too cute today," you'd smile and chuckle, then frown. Because then, you remember how ugly you are. It's a terrible cycle that might continue forever if we don't put a stop to it. I have two videos to show you.

1. Familiar Faces - The Science of Attraction

What does this video tell you? It tells me a lot about beauty. That guy is very right--we are told how to be attractive by the media and society. We are told what is beauty. We always compare ourselves to celebrities, but in reality we can never be like them. In fact, most of them don't even look like that. I think all young people should realize this... it might make us feel a little better. It might make us feel less pressured to look good. What is beauty? It's how much other people love you, and how much you can love them. Like the girl said in the video, "After all we've done today, I think that if somebody does go and get plastic surgery to correct their nose, your partner who knows you best will think, 'That's not you. That's not how I recognize you, that's not how I am attracted to you.'" What does this say? Well, we're perfect exactly the way we are. You shouldn't change for anybody. Especially yourself.

2. P!nk - Stupid Girls

Don't be a stupid girl. Don't hurt yourself to look thin. Be yourself. Like P!nk would say, you shouldn't try and be anybody you aren't. It's unnatural and just hurts yourself. So remember: don't change yourself to look better for anybody. It's not worth it.

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  1. So true... That's pretty much all there is to say

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